Flooded Home Carpet and Interior

Wet and Flooded Carpet Restoration Cleaning

Minimise carpet flood water damage. Act now!

Time is of the essence, and the sooner you take action, the sooner a carpet cleaning specialist can be on-site, and begin the flooded carpet cleaning and restoration process, thus ensuring the best possible outcome.


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There are few things more devastating to a home or business owner than the experience of a flooded carpet. Those who do face this situation are often confused and not sure what steps to take, and that is understandable as wet carpet is not something that is normally expected or planned for. There are five basic steps to take in order to promote carpet restoration immediately before the pros are called in.

First Call the Experts! It is crucial to get professional carpet drying and carpet restoration scheduled as quickly as possible. While there are things the home or business owner can initially take while they wait for the experts to arrive, these efforts are not in themselves sufficient to ensure proper carpet restoration. 

The professionals have all of the necessary equipment to perform flooded carpet cleaning and fast drying combined with the knowledge of how to utilise such machinery. While one can rent this type of equipment, it is best to leave it up to the pros. Best of all, many insurance policies will cover the job. 
Use a Wet Vac or Steam Cleaner 

Once a professional visit is scheduled to look at your water damaged carpet, a wet vac or steam cleaner should be ran over the damaged area. If not immediately available, they can be rented and are easy to use. 

One should never try using just any vacuum on wet carpet as this can pose hazards. Wet vacs are excellent at removing moisture from the carpet itself; however, it cannot get to the water that may have reached the deeper layers of under padding.

Lift Check
Before turning the rented vacuum back in, it is a good idea to lift an edge of the damaged carpet to see if there is any more water underneath. It is difficult to determine whether the pad is still wet, so this step is important, and it may be necessary to run over the carpet a few more times with the wet vac or steam cleaner.
Determine if Subfloor is Wet

During the lift check, the home or business owner should also check the subfloor to determine the level of damage. If the water damage has affected the padding and subfloor, it is a good idea to partially remove the carpet and blow air into the area using a fan. This will help the pros to be able to best fix the flooded carpet when they arrive. 

Sometimes Removal is Necessary
In the event that the padding is saturated, it is a good idea to remove it entirely and place it somewhere that is conducive to drying. It is worth noting that the pad will likely be very heavy, so this is not a job that should be attempted alone. 

Wet carpet cleaning is an intricate task that can impact anyone. While following these five tips are crucial in best increasing the chances that the carpet can be saved, the most important step is ensuring that a qualified professional is scheduled to assess the damage as soon as possible. They can guide the home or business owner through the process of ensuring permanent damage is not sustained.