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Steam Carpet Cleaning Service

Deal with Harmful Bacteria and Germs in Your Home By Using Professional Carpet Steam Cleaning

Professional carpet steam cleaning is one of the most effective ways not only to improve the appearance of your home or business, but is also a vital part of maintaining household hygene and removing germs.


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Every one is sure to acknowledge the critical role of a clean carpet in keeping a house clean. But, actually keeping carpet clean is often a different story.  It doesn't require a rocket scientist to realise that an unclean environment at home will not only negatively impact one's efficiency, productivity, etc. but can also have health implications.  Unclean carpets can influence the health of children and pets also because bacteria, germs and molds can thrive in unclean environments. Though you may vacuum-clean your carpet every week, it is not enough to have a clean carpet. It is here that a good carpet cleaning service comes to play an important role in assisting you in the processof cleaning the carpet and protecting your family from the invisible bacteria and germs. 

House Interior with Clean Carpets and UpholsteryBut, merely choosing a carpet cleaning company for doing this job is not always enough. You should check whether they continue with the age-old conventional methods or implement the latest innovations that take place in this field. They should utilise the latest innovative methods appropriately to render a great service to customers, ensuring the highest quality service. One such new and effective method is steam carpet cleaning. This technologically advanced method helps in removing even complicated stains on the carpet.

The first step in steam cleaning is to dust off the carpet. Once this is done, the carpet is thoroughly washed with steam. Then comes the step of drying the carpet. In this system, there is no worry that an unpleasant smell will beemanating from your carpet. The worry of the carpet losing its colors is also not a concern.

Steam cleaning your own carpet is an option which you may wish to consider, although it involves a lot of work. You should first thoroughly vacuum your carpets and remove the bigger dust particles. Appropriate stain cleaning solutions and chemicals should be prepared and kept ready for removing the stains. These solutions should not be excessively used on the carpet and so, you should ensure to adopt this method suitably without over-saturating any spot on the carpet with the solution. You should then dry the carpet by providing good ventilation (you may wish to open doors, turn on fans etc). Children, pets and even adults should not walk on the carpet before it dries.

If you want to know which method is most effective to clean your carpets: dry cleaning, or steam cleaning, you should learn more the differences between the two cleaning services.

Dry carpet cleaning can be completed using two varying methods. The first method involves using a low moisture foam. The second utilises absorbent granules to clean the carpets.:

  • For the first method in which the soap foam is used, rotary brushes are used for spreading the foam on the carpet. The lather is then removed from the carpet with a wet or a dry vacuum. This method is completed very quickly and hence, it is useful for those who want to have clean, dry and usable carpets in a short period of time. There is a very little use of water and therefore, you need not be afraid that excessive dampness will spoil the carpet. But, it is the opinion of a few people that the rotary brushes that are used for putting the foam on the carpet may spoil its fibers. Another potential concern is that the shampoo used for cleaning may not be strong enough for removing the stains.
  • In the second method in which absorbent granules are used, the whole process is done very fast and there is almost nil usage of water in this method. Therefore, there is no question of moisture spoiling the material of the carpet. The absorbent granules contain only a cleaner and a solvent and not water. With the help of rotary brushes, these granules are placed deep inside the fibers of the carpet. They separate the dirt from the fibers to absorb all of it.  After that, you can remove everything by using a vacuum and the carpet becomes clean and dry.

In the case of carpet steam cleaning, a little water is used for spraying along with the shampoo. The spraying is done deep into the fibers of the carpet. A powerful wet vacuum is used for removing everything. This method is highly effective because it removes not only the dirt on the carpet but also germs, bacteria and mold.

Though steam carpet cleaning is more thorough than dry carpet cleaning, you should choose the appropriate option depending upon the carpet you have, and your time requirements. You may also like to seek professional advice when choosing which method is most suitable for your carpets.