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Tips On Keeping Carpets Clean in Your Home

Even a few decades ago, we did not foresee that we would become victims of a serious problem called environmental pollution. We are paying a severe price for not making a distinction between development and callousness. The impact of environmental pollution on our surroundings and our homes is so great that it may affect the health of our entire family. So, it calls for a highly focused action and this includes making efforts to keep our house clean. Most Australian homes use carpet flooring. So, we have the task of cleaning our carpet also. If you follow a few tips, you can keep the carpet of your home clean:


House Interior with Clean Carpets and Upholstery

  • The foremost step is that you should not allow anyone to enter your house with their shoes. You can keep a basket with a sign at the entrance of your house to request your guests leave their shoes at the door-step. No guest will mistake you that you are treating them impolitely because they understand the importance of keeping the house and the carpet clean. If a separate space is provided for them to keep their shoes, they will completely understand. But, you should ensure you ┬ámake it convenient for them to sit comfortably and remove their shoes and wear them again when they leave.

  • Secondly, there should be door mats at the entrance of your home so that the dirt from the feet of people does not get into your house. You should periodically shake/vacuum these mats also so that the dust and dirt on them do not spoil your carpet.

  • There are carpet runners that can protect the carpets from the dust and wear and tear that may normally affect your carpet. Especially, these carpet runners should be used on high-traffic areas of your house or areas where children usually have their snacks. Another step you can take is to educate your children to keep their feet clean. They should be taught to wash their feet once they return home after playing outside. Similarly, the feet of your pets should also be cleaned thoroughly when they return home after a walk or a play.

  • Vacuuming the carpet periodically is a step you should never ignore if you want to have a clean carpet. Experts advise that you should vacuum your carpet at least twice a week. You should ensure that all the dirt and dust are sucked in while you are vacuuming the carpet. You should also act swiftly and clean the carpet immediately whenever spills and stains occur. Vinegar mixed with water is a good cleaning solution, with which you can remove the stains. But, you should never rub the stains because doing so will make a mess of your carpet. Instead, you can use a cleaning towel and blot the area on which the stains have occurred. Even if pets pass urine on the carpet, you can use this solution and remove the stain. A mixture of baking soda and peroxide will also remove the stain and also the odor. But, this mixture may be too strong for the carpet and hence, it should be used in moderate quantities.

You should seek the help of a professional carpet cleaning service at least once in six months so that you can have a lasting, clean carpet.